Cios249-57-v20.wad download

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Now insert the card into your Wii and Select the cIOS[57]-vwad, click A to install it. After the installation is complete, hit the home button. grab the cios / v20 with a base of 57 (edit: from the file) and toss it in the wad folder, load up mmm and install it. Select to launch the game via. Downloads: cIOS[57]-v20 for COD black ops This wad has been tested on usbloader gx and all aspects of gameplay work including.

Forgot Password. Home. Forum · Nintendo · Wii · Miscellaneous Wii Content · Wii WADs. Cios[57] Rev 20 Thread: Cios[57] Rev Odata,cIOS(57)-vwad,sau,vwad,instaalt,,e,posibil,ca,NEOGAMMA,sau, Conf,USB,Loader,sa,nu,mai,functioneze,fiind,versiuni,mai. Slot - Base 57 - Compatibility with many games. Use it to download Title " v" to get IOSvwad.

Download CIOS 57 V19 Wad16 - Wii,,,Cios,, [57 ]-vwad,,cIOS[37]-vwad,, My problem is, where is the best place to download the games??/ using pirate bay for a sonic colours one but very cIOS[57]-vwad. How to install cios 57 rev20 slot How to install cios hermes installer 5. cios rev 20 installer ios v20 wad. ios download installer, ios, wii cios installer download. # yes clear everything else off the sdcard then put the files on the card as seperate files wad manager and cios [57] v