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Compname exe

[UTILITY][OCT] - Replace ComputerName in Unattend XML. Version 8. Created by zman on Oct 27, PM. Last modified by. Download: /coolsolutions/tools/downloads/ Compname allows machines running Windows and above to be renamed to. Download NOTE: If you rename a domain computer, you must use from the Support Tools on the CD-ROM to rejoin the domain.

This is a great little tool for renaming your computer to anything from a command line/batch file. It can query your bios and get information like. the program. is a utility to generate a computer name to your specifications, optionally pulling in data including asset tag/serial. The utility, which is available from, can also display the current computer name: > compname /s But this command.

Hello everyone, I am starting a new image on a Windows 7 machine, I used to use to rename Windows Xp machines to the. CompName solves this problem by displaying your choice of text in the Windows Taskbar. FREE! Download Now: (MB). EXE. Hello, I am trying to automatically assign computer names to a very large group of EXE to accomplish this task. Try