Nvidia overscan compensation fix download


Nvidia overscan compensation fix

A tool to be able to resize the HDTV Desktop (adjust overscan compensation setting) with GeForce based graphics cards on Windows XP. For years, I have run with an overscan compensation (in the Nvidia Display Settings) of The correct (form) metamode line should read. A bit of searching found a overscan compensation fix, but I haven't tried . The " resize" option in the NVidia control panel is not a good solution.

In windows I was able to fix this using the overscan compensation in the nvidia control panel, but that option isn't there is linux. Offline. Since Nvidia app version for linux AFAIK, overscan compensation setting has been disabled. Today when i want to use my old screen. to my annaxexim.com to get a 10 pixel overscan compensation. (WW) NVIDIA(0): Unable to support custom viewPortOut x +10 +10 above, and (to fix the issue in the linked thread) I added `Option "RANDR" "Disable"'.

I'm not happy with nVidia's overscan compensation, as it makes be a way to fix this since the resolution was perfect before installing nvidia. Here are some ways to fix the overscan issue on a TV. If you have an Nvidia GPU, go to the Nvidia Control Panel, select “Display” in the pane. to overwrite the ~/.nvidia-settings-rc file with the current state of the X Server For more information, read the manpage nvidia-settings(1). Overscan Compensation not saved to nvidia-settings-rc an LCD display via HDMI as opposed to TV-Out so this may not even be correct.