Black ops 2 timezone autochanger download


Black ops 2 timezone autochanger

Fixed mediafire link Fixed download link So you got the Skidrow copy of black ops 2, and you are trying to play single player. If the Timezone Autochanger didn't fix the black screen, try to download this REAL FIX: Call of Duty Black Ops II crack error the game does not work if some has good Set your PC timezone to Hong Kong and it should work.

Hey, again. After yesterday I solved the problem Unhandled Exception Caught by changing timezone to Hong Kong and date to 14, now it's. The same thing happened to me with COD BLACK OPS2. Unless you change the date and time zone, your game is sure to crash or freeze. When i start my black ops 2 on steam it launches the console and an Exactly the same here, and I changed the date and hour, time zone.

Just installed codbo two bt wen i launch it says this get me a fix.. video card driver is up to i am also playing most wanted two and medal of.