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Webmatrix ipad simulator

You can install iPhone and iPad simulator to test our your mobile web apps via WebMatrix’s extension section. Click install to complete installing the iPhone or iPad simulator. If you have installed iPhone or iPad simulator, it should show up there. Microsoft WebMatrix 2 RC is out this week and has a nice feature included - support for the Electric Plum Mobile Simulator for iPhone and iPad. iPhone and iPad Web Emulator for Windows If you download WebMatrix 2, you can then install the emulators by going to the Browser.

Let's welcome iPad Simulator, the magic answer to solve all of the above Also the upcoming release of Microsoft WebMatrix 2 & Visual Studio. If you are using Microsoft's Web Matrix to develop websites and want of available browser extension (iPhone Simulator, iPad Simulator etc.). recently I installed the iPhone/iPad simulator. The initial display works quite fine but I did not find out how to pan and zoom the display.

You will need to download WebMatrix RC in order to get the browser Either option (iPhone/iPad) will work as it is the same simulator. The Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows allows you to test your apps on an iOS simulator displayed in Windows alongside Visual Studio