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Geant4 basic examples

Import Geant4 source tree. Import Geant4 source tree. Idle> exit - Execute exampleB1 in the 'batch' mode from macro files (without visualization) %./exampleB1 %./exampleB1 > Starting Geant release cycle and onwards, we would like to advertise the / examples/basic group of applications as the best beginning point for new Geant4 . Simple examples for geant 4, such as X-rays being absorbed by a block of matter - JohannesBuchner/geant4-simple-examples.

The "basic" set of examples is oriented to novice users and covering the most typical use-cases of a Geant4 application with keeping simplicity and ease of use . Outline. 2. □ Basics commands for Linux installed on your virtual machine. □ Novice example N □ Without macro file. □ With macro file. Three classes of examples: novice: show basic functionalities of Geant4. - extended: show in more details specific functionality of Geant4 (e.g. biasing.

Documentation on the basic examples: UserDocumentation/UsersGuides/ForApplicationDeveloper/html/ch10shtml. To test that your version of Geant4 has been successfully installed we will build and run the basic>B1 example included with the Geant4 install.